A Creative Point of View

The Science Behind Great Work

There’s a great old Crispin Porter ad with two pictures of the same guy holding his thumb out hitchhiking. In the first image the guy holds a sign that reads, “To Jacksonville”, and below the image in bold type is the word “Sales”. In the other picture his sign reads, “To Mom’s for Christmas”, and below the image is the word ‘Marketing”. This is the essence of what marketing and advertising is all about. How the right strategic thinking can inspire a creative solution that emotionally resonates with the right audience. Which guy would you be more likely to pick up?

Great creative isn’t just the product of vivid, clever and over-active imaginations. Great creative springboards off the back of research, data and hard-earned learnings about not only a brand, product or service, but exactly what customers want that brand, product or service – and why. The best help you can provide great creative talent are truthful insights to build from. Insights about what you’re advertising and who you’re trying to reach. With those insights creative teams get can then begin to craft ideas that will get your audiences’ attention, resonate with their emotions and educate their heads.

At the end of the day, it’s all about distilling what makes the thing you’re selling unique, different and desirable. I firmly believe in touting the merits of your product versus the shortcoming of your competition. I don’t like to mud sling and look to avoid it at all costs. Nobody likes folks who constantly put other people down. People like people that are happy, positive and self-confident. I say the same goes for brands.

At Unbound our beliefs around what makes great creative helped pen the blueprint for a different kind of agency. Our nucleus consists of specialized strategic thinkers with an approach to planning, strategy, and analytics that’s solution-focused. Then in place of a traditional in-house creative team, we hand select talent based on the project and strategy at hand. The unique insights we unearth deserve the best suited creative talent and partners to leverage them. Great creative is the perfect mix of art built on a canvas of science. Come see what incredible creative we can build for you.

Game-changing creative doesn’t have to be like capturing lightning in a bottle. Call us and we’ll explain – 816-589-3333.