Boomer Boost

Your Boomers are waiting. Heed their call.

The pandemic has pushed all of us out of our comfort zone in a variety of ways. That said, the generation that’s probably been pushed and shoved the most is the Boomers. As a group, they lag behind in tech adoption, smartphone usage, online purchases and basically all digital consumption and usage across the board. Boomers aren’t entirely non-digital though – let’s not forget this is the same generation that led the charge in home computer adoption. At this stage in their lives, Boomers just aren’t being pushed to adopt new tech for work or education. But things have changed with COVID-19 on the scene.

Thanks to shelter-in-place orders, tons of brick-and-mortar storefronts closing and limited shopping hours, we all found ourselves hitting the web to shop online more. In fact, the pandemic has accelerated eCommerce growth in the US to a level no one expected to reach until 2022. US eCommerce sales will almost reach a whopping $800 billion this year, offering a YoY increase of over 30%. While this growth has been driven by all US shoppers, nearly half of US Boomers have boosted their digital spending big time since the pandemic began.

In addition to shopping, Boomers have also doubled-down on their social media usage in order to stay connected with family and friends and fend off isolation. And in an effort to manage stress and anxiety, Boomers have also pumped-up their digital video consumption, as streaming content has increased by nearly 75% YoY throughout the pandemic.

For marketers, Boomers present a unique opportunity during the pandemic as a result of being in generally better financial shape than younger generations. With many Boomers already retired, they’re not at the mercy of the grim job market like many of their younger counterparts who are still in prime income-earning years. Over half of Boomers report they feel financially comfortable and are looking to fulfill their dreams and explore new worlds and technologies thanks to this financial security.

Boomers are also far more brand-loyal than other generations, proving once marketers win them over, Boomers are fans for life. And when it comes to transactional relationships with brands, Boomers have far more than younger generations. Almost 75% of Boomers surveyed express they’re still highly interested in obtaining product coupons for completing actions over other product rewards. And though discounts may get them in the door, it’s imperative to understand great customer service is what will keep them coming back.

The Boomer generation represents a unique group of consumers and big opportunities for marketers who understand how to reach and resonate with them. Unbound’s team of strategic thinkers can tap into this Boomer audience for you and find all the hidden opportunities for your brand. With years of retail experience, we can examine your digital ecosystem and see how it delivers from a customer experience standpoint. We’ll provide recommendations for optimizations and enhancements that will ensure you’re leveraging every touchpoint and building fans for life.

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