Consumer Behavior Economic Downturn

As marketers, we don’t have to wait and wonder either. It’s obvious that people are struggling now. The adjustments they’re making in their budgets tell the unvarnished truth of what’s happening in the real world.

Kelli Anstine

Millennials’ Furnishings

When it comes to the mighty Millennials, they want meaningful furniture that allows them to express who they are, what their style is and what they need.

Kelli Anstine

New Movers

The pandemic has people moving in record numbers. And with the average moving budget of $9,400 per household, these folks represent a sizable and valuable target audience.

Kelli Anstine

Work-Life Balance

As vaccinations continue to roll out across the country and we begin to slip out of our sweatpants and think about heading back to the office, there are some key pandemic learnings we all may want to look at.

Dave Lubeck

Pampered Consumer

Thanks to the Amazon Effect, the Pampered Consumer is now just a code name for every consumer on earth. And 2020 only poured gas on the ever-growing fire of coddled consumers expecting more from brands every day. Simply pawning your wares doesn’t cut the mustard anymore.

Sarah Miller

2021 Must-Haves

2020 has changed us. From work and home to institutions big and small, our perspectives and expectations have changed. When it comes to brands, consumers need to trust them and demand proof brands know them.

Sarah Miller

Gen Z’s Impact on Shopping

Diverse, digitally native, agents of change and with major influence over their parent’s wallets, Gen Z is a generation that brands need to be paying close attention to.

Sarah Miller

Boomer Boost

With greater financial security than their younger cohorts and a recent increase in digital shopping and social usage, the Boomer generation presents huge opportunities for brands.

Sarah Miller

Millennial Pet Parents

With 55% of Millennials choosing not to marry, potentially delaying parenting, or deciding to skip having kids altogether, pets are filling in as family members in a big way. Brands who understand their values have an opportunity of a lifetime.

Sarah Miller

Whole Beauty – Big Opportunity

With COVID-19 amplifying consumers' redefinition of beauty to encompass whole health and overall well-being, big opportunities await brands that can deliver healthy products. This boom presents a chance to seize the moment by offering products that speak to health and well-being through compelling brand stories.

Sarah Miller