Brand Why

Simply singing the merits of what your brand sells isn’t enough to win the hearts, minds and dollars of consumers these days.

Dave Lubeck

Independent Agencies – Nimble & Efficient

With the pandemic’s brutal effects on commerce, many companies were forced to slow almost to a state of hibernation. Now, with the economy roaring back to life, companies need to act quickly to get back in the game.

Dave Lubeck

Work-Life Balance

As vaccinations continue to roll out across the country and we begin to slip out of our sweatpants and think about heading back to the office, there are some key pandemic learnings we all may want to look at.

Dave Lubeck

CMO Optimism

Loaded for bear and armed with new perspective coming out of 2020, 91.6% of CMOs feel their brands are prepared to strategically pivot now more than prior to the pandemic. That said, the distractions of the day-to-day can over tax even the greatest of multi-tasking, plate spinners.

Dave Lubeck

Trust in Advertising

For far too long, marketers have been at the mercy of ad agency tricks of the trade, paying a high price for smoke and mirrors and bloated rosters.

Dave Lubeck

Making Magic Happen

Big ad agencies are shrinking while CMOs still need outside thinking. Yes, the times are a changing, and for clients willing to embrace that change it’s all for the better.

Dave Lubeck

Custom Fit

The Tampa Bay Rays path to the World Series proved a custom-fit POV beats a one-size-fits-all mentality. We share this nimble and adaptable philosophy by matching our clients’ needs by handpicking talent for the specific task at hand.

Dave Lubeck

Brands Be True

Brands need to look deep into their hearts and souls to determine how their “why” (reason for being) can align with helping humanity — and the planet it lives on. To help find what they’re looking for, brands may need to get an outside perspective when looking in a mirror is just too close.

Sarah Miller

A Creative Point of View

Great creative ad work isn’t just the product of vivid, clever and over-active imaginations. Great creative springboards off the back of research, data and hard-earned learnings about not only a brand, product or service, but the customers that want them.

Dave Lubeck

Reboot. Rethink. Persevere.

The pandemic has forced countless companies to reset and rethink many elements of their businesses. With the balance of internal vs external marketing resources on many CEOs' minds prior to the economic shutdown, now presents a unique moment to potentially build anew.

Dave Lubeck