Consumer Market Trends

Opportunity is the unexpected fruit of chaos.

When it comes to marketing 101, it’s safe to say everyone understands the necessity of keeping tabs on consumer and market trends that relate to your brand and business. It’s also safe to say that wise marketers understand the nature of consumer and market trends being in a constant state of evolution and change. Keeping one’s eye on several spinning balls at once under normal circumstances is no small task and often requires outside support and resources for research and guidance. So how do brands keep on top of it all among a global state of emergency that’s profoundly affecting consumers and market changes daily? Don’t go it alone.

The shockwaves COVID-19 have sent and continue to send through the global economy, and every individual economy along the way is unprecedented. Whether accelerating trends brands were watching, eradicating trends brands were counting on, or creating completely unexpected trends brands never saw coming, having access to real-time data custom curated for your industry and your highest-value customers is more important than ever before. As industries and brands fight for their lives each day, having every available data point at their fingertips is vital for getting business back on track and ensuring it keeps moving forward.

Leveraging a spirit of optimism, hope and over 100 years of marketing expertise, we truly believe these unthinkable times still leave room for brands to grow closer to consumers in more meaningful ways while reaching them like never before. As a result, we team up with leading research firms like Decision Analysts, Resonate, Kantar Monitor and MRI/Simmons to provide clients with educated and cutting-edge insights about what is happening from a consumer and market trend perspective. From there, we translate insights into what we believe will be the biggest opportunities for marketers moving forward and create powerful marketing strategies that drive results.

Unbound’s unique model is the perfect design and complement to what brands and businesses need right now. Our team, our process and our architecture champion efficiency, nimbleness and adaptability. From soup to nuts, full-blown marketing support and consultant services to à la cart research and/or marketing and advertising support, we’re ready to not only keep you on your feet but pick up your stride to ensure you’re running toward a bright future.

Upheaval and change are the windows of opportunity for those ready to embrace the challenge. Give us a call at 816.589.3333, and let’s see what insights and opportunities await you.