Digital A New CV-19 Necessity

From trend to necessity, e/mobile or bust

For many industries, E- and M-Commerce were already growing by leaps and bounds prior to the pandemic. Now as consumers do their best to adapt to the dynamic changes and realities of COVID-19, what was once seen as a growing trend is now becoming a bona fide necessity. Industries and businesses that may have been slow to adopt or even holding out are now scrambling to get online to avoid suffering the consequences. From online ordering and delivery, to contactless payment for restaurants and retail stores, figuring out how to keep on keeping-on via the world wide web may determine many brands’ fates.

Jason Gardner, founder of next-generation payment platform Marqeta, shared with Bloomberg Markets that his company observed an increase in contactless payments ten times of that before the pandemic. And MasterCard CEO, Ajay Banga, reported a 40% jump in contactless payment during Q1 as the pandemic worsened.

As consumers seek convenience, security and safety, the desire to get in and out without touching terminals, points of sale or even cash will persist. And with E- and M-Commerce continuing to increase, a trend which what was once gaining momentum slowly but surely, now feels like a runaway train — with no logical signs of slowing.

The same can be said for the transition of many in-person services now needing to find virtual replacements. Most recently, we helped our client Compassion-First, a national network of specialty veterinarian hospitals, transition to state-of-the-art contactless payment systems. Within days of the virus’ outbreak, our team worked to convert 26 veterinary hospitals to a platform ensuring safety and security protocols that kept the business of caring for pets running smoothly – as well as maintaining the trust and confidence of pet owners during a stressful time.

From global brands to local businesses, adapting to the new constraints and realities of a current and post COVID-19 world is essential. As the trend of virtual and remote becomes a new normal, the ability to be nimble and focused on business solutions is critical to helping clients move forward. Understanding your customers’ needs, desires and behaviors is vital when identifying how to design your digital evolution and growth. But what may be the ultimate necessity is finding a partner to help your business chart a proper course.

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