Four Walls Or No Walls

There’s gold in them thar hills.

A number of years ago my ECD and I sat down for an introductory meeting with the new CMO of a big national brand we were working with. Right out of the gate, the client asked a very pointed question that really gave me pause: “Do you believe that the best creative for my brand can only come from within your four walls.” Without pause, my ECD and I both said “yes.”

It was a great question at the time and is perhaps an even better question today as I’ve come to see things differently. For some brands and agencies, the answer can still be “yes”. However, for me, the answer has definitively shifted to “no.”

A desire to rethink how best to utilize creative talent is the precise reason why I founded Unbound. We create compelling campaigns because we’ve replaced the traditional agency creative department with a more modern line of attack. This purpose-built method allows us to strategically connect our clients’ objectives with a carefully crafted outside network of freelancers, influencers, streamers, bloggers, and vloggers so we can handpick creative specialties. At our core, we’re a team of specialized strategic thinkers with a solutions-focused approach to planning, strategy, and analytics. This allows us to solve a client’s pain points by eliminating all the guesswork for our creative partners.

In today’s advertising world clients no longer want an agency that slices, dices and makes julienne fries. The “can-do-it-all agency-o-matic” model has gone the way of the eight-track. This is especially true when it comes to project work. Like all of us, creative talent have specific areas of interest, expertise, and experience. We’ve all used a multi-tool out of convenience, but when it’s time to get a job done right, a real measuring tape, screwdriver, and handsaw work a hell of a lot better.

Advertisers want to hand over a specific problem, then have a dedicated team swarm it, nail it, and return with dynamic, unexpected solutions, all wrapped upped in a bow. As for agencies, the time has come to free themselves from carrying the cost of creative personal hanging around waiting for work, then fitting the round pegs into square holes. The time has come to just focus on creating the best work.

I’m not saying great, creative ideas can NO LONGER come from inside an agency’s four walls. But in my experience, “outside” offers greater expertise and fresher perspectives – provided you know where to look.

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