Inauguration Impact

Destination: part of the solution, not the problem

As the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, begins to put his key initiatives for the country in motion, it’s important to look at the impacts these shifts may have on brands and marketers. Biden’s key areas of focus are: 1) COVID-19 response, 2) economic recovery, 3) national security, 4) immigration and 5) climate change. As Biden works to bring these priorities to life, his first 100 days in office have included a highly crafted approach introducing new policies, reversing policies from the previous administration and in some instances, rebranding and reshaping existing policies to better align with his goals.

Each of Biden’s areas of focus presents key opportunities for marketers to look for ways to elevate their brand’s relevance by better aligning with their customers’ values and beliefs. Below are three specific opportunities for brands to seize the moment:

  1. Helping be a part of the COVID-19 solution
    From vaccine distribution and health protocols to shipping and distribution, brands can stay top of mind with consumers by looking for ways to help with the fight against CV-19. Leading by example, many brands have shifted production, opened their doors for vaccinations or provided shipping and logistical support to their state government. Brands who can find ways to help get us all to the light at the end of the tunnel are brands whose actions will be rewarded with loyalty, awareness and advocacy.
  2. Staying at the forefront of privacy laws
    While analysts anticipate Biden concentrating first on social issues then shifting attention to privacy in year two of his presidency, privacy oversight is unquestionably a clear priority of the new administration. We can anticipate increased investments in advanced analytics, increased use of federal data for government oversight and increased public access to federal data. While we wait for national laws to roll out that eliminate state-by-state regulation, brands should find ways to help with privacy, as we will see with brands like Google and Apple, that have a larger impact on privacy.
  3. Continuing to take a stand on diversity and inclusion efforts
    Brands have become far bolder concerning a wide range of topics from racial justice to environmentalism following the 2016 election. With the recent happenings in both politics and society as a whole, there’s no expectation for brands to sit back now. As the President invests energy and resources into diversity and inclusion efforts, it’s only natural for consumers to expect brands to continue to follow suit. For brands, it will be vital to show they are really walking the walk vs simply offering empty chatter. Not only do diversity and inclusion efforts need to be part of a brand’s vernacular but must emanate throughout the company from the board room to the warehouse.

As brands look to address each of the opportunities above, it’s imperative they keep in mind how divided the country is. And while Americans may be open to a politician calling for unity, the same call from brands may not be received as warmly. Gap serves as an example, inciting internet backlash after posting a well-intentioned, but insubstantial tweet shortly after the election. Influencers and celebrities alike attacked the apparel brand for being tone-deaf and failing to back words with actions.

These are unique and powerful times. So, when it comes to shepherding your brand through this landscape of dynamic change and evolution, Unbound’s team of marketing Sherpas is here to help guide the way. We push brands to explore their purpose and uncover meaningful ways to activate and engage customers by reaching them along their unique customer journey. Understanding who your customers are is the first step, but pinpointing what motivates, inspires and builds a community with them is where your brand’s true opportunity to soar resides. Let us help you.

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