Millennial Pet Parents

With 55% of Millennials choosing not to marry, potentially delaying parenting, or deciding to skip having kids altogether, pets are filling in as family members in a big way. Brands who understand their values have an opportunity of a lifetime.

Sarah Miller

Brands Be True

Brands need to look deep into their hearts and souls to determine how their “why” (reason for being) can align with helping humanity — and the planet it lives on. To help find what they’re looking for, brands may need to get an outside perspective when looking in a mirror is just too close.

Sarah Miller

Think Local. Build Loyal.

With the new normal keeping folks from patronizing local businesses, it’s imperative to find ways to stay relevant and remain top of mind. Providing helpful, thoughtful and entertaining communications, small businesses can foster relationships that can help them now as well as when business gets back to normal.

Sarah Miller