Consumer Market Trends

Whether accelerating trends brands were watching, eradicating trends brands were counting on, or creating completely unexpected trends brands never saw coming, having access to real-time data, custom curated for your industry and your highest-value customers is more important than ever.

Kelli Anstine

Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

From distilling down your brand’s core goals and message, to pinpointing your highest value customers, the information and components that create a highly effective content strategy are greater than the sum of their parts. When done correctly, brands create a living, breathing ecosystem of communications.

Kelli Anstine

Great Hope in the New Definition of Fitness

Reeling in the wake of the pandemic, the fitness industry searches for a new path to retain and acquire fresh memberships. Thankfully, a broader definition of fitness celebrating passion and commitment over failure and aesthetic ideals holds huge opportunities for gyms and fitness clubs.

Kelli Anstine

The Right Perception Can Change Games

The term “fresh eyes” is more than just a quippy phrase - it’s a lifeline to context. To understand the nuances and resulting insights of your business’s data demands an external forensics team.

Sarah Miller

Make Your Data Earn Its Keep!

Like a fingerprint, your data holds one of a kind information about your unique customer’s personality and behavior. Don’t entrust that precious gold to pre-packaged, off-the-shelf segmentation solutions. Determining your highest value customers demands a custom analytics approach.

Kelli Anstine