Digital Wins the Year

Hunkered down at home, consumers headed online in unprecedented numbers in 2020 to keep on keeping on. Looking at 2021, brands who can adapt and answer with robust digital strategies will reap much sought-after rewards.

Kelli Anstine

Whole Beauty – Big Opportunity

With COVID-19 amplifying consumers' redefinition of beauty to encompass whole health and overall well-being, big opportunities await brands that can deliver healthy products. This boom presents a chance to seize the moment by offering products that speak to health and well-being through compelling brand stories.

Sarah Miller

Digital A New CV-19 Necessity

The growth of E- and M-Commerce was already changing the game, but thanks to CV-19, what were once trends are now proving essential. From contactless payment and online ordering to delivery and streaming events, figuring out how to keep on keeping-on via the world wide web may determine the fate of many a brand.

Kelli Anstine