Gen Z Influencer Strategy

As the first digitally native generation and products of all the good, bad and ugly the world wide web has to offer, Gen Z is skeptical, cynical and guarded, to say the least. As a result, when it comes to influencing their support and wallets you better be in touch, authentic and share their world view.

Sarah Miller

Gen Z – Future Home Owners

The first digitally savvy generation is considered by many as the most financially savvy generation too. Gen Z influences $600 billion of household spending and represents a huge opportunity for brands.

Sarah Miller

Gen Z’s Impact on Shopping

Diverse, digitally native, agents of change and with major influence over their parent’s wallets, Gen Z is a generation that brands need to be paying close attention to.

Sarah Miller

Gen Z

Born into unrest, uncertainty and too many unanswered questions, Gen Z demands brands and businesses step up and lead the charge for the earth and all its inhabitants. As a result, brands need to prove what they truly offer society and the real cost.

Dave Lubeck


The secondhand retail market had been steadily growing for years, then COVID-19 hit sending the pre-owned scene into hyperdrive. Brands who can identify and embrace this new shopper’s POV and habits are poised to reach them in new and impactful ways along their shopping journey.

Sarah Miller