Olympics 2020 – Now 2021

With spectators waiting an extra year for the 2020 Olympic games to get underway, pent-up enthusiasm is fueling wild anticipation. An AdWeek survey reports that currently 53% of US consumers are chomping at the bit to tune in.

Kelli Anstine

Digital Wins the Year

Hunkered down at home, consumers headed online in unprecedented numbers in 2020 to keep on keeping on. Looking at 2021, brands who can adapt and answer with robust digital strategies will reap much sought-after rewards.

Kelli Anstine

The Right Perception Can Change Games

The term “fresh eyes” is more than just a quippy phrase - it’s a lifeline to context. To understand the nuances and resulting insights of your business’s data demands an external forensics team.

Sarah Miller

A strong and steady stream

From exploding new Netflix subscribers to colossal increases in viewing hours, it’s clear streaming has reached mass penetration. Even as stay-at-home restrictions ease, viewing hours remain at record highs, presenting marketers the chance to target and communicate in game-changing ways.

Kelli Anstine

The New Normal’s Mass Media Channel

The disruption of what we consider “our daily lives” as we spend more time in our homes is creating a unique unification of our usual fragmented media consumption. The opportunity for brands to connect with people across a mass channel is a powerful tool that should be used respectfully and wisely.

Kelli Anstine

Don’t Let Political Ads Eat Your Media Dollars

With $9.9 Billion in political ad spending projected this year, brand’s media buys are at risk of being steamrolled by political campaigns. Custom strategic thinking and efforts help brands fight back and reach their audiences online and off.

Kelli Anstine