Millennials’ Furnishings

When it comes to the mighty Millennials, they want meaningful furniture that allows them to express who they are, what their style is and what they need.

Kelli Anstine


Pizza Hut and Domino’s recent retro reboots represent an effort to satiate consumers’ growing hunger for the past. Millennials are craving the simpler times of their youth when phones weren’t very smart and when you turned on the TV you got what you got.

Sarah Miller

Millennial Pet Parents

With 55% of Millennials choosing not to marry, potentially delaying parenting, or deciding to skip having kids altogether, pets are filling in as family members in a big way. Brands who understand their values have an opportunity of a lifetime.

Sarah Miller


The secondhand retail market had been steadily growing for years, then COVID-19 hit sending the pre-owned scene into hyperdrive. Brands who can identify and embrace this new shopper’s POV and habits are poised to reach them in new and impactful ways along their shopping journey.

Sarah Miller