The secondhand retail market had been steadily growing for years, then COVID-19 hit sending the pre-owned scene into hyperdrive. Brands who can identify and embrace this new shopper’s POV and habits are poised to reach them in new and impactful ways along their shopping journey.

Sarah Miller

Amazon Effect

Even in the face of adversity from the Amazon Effect and COVID-19, retailers face a do or die moment to seize the day, pick up their slingshots and prepare to take down the giants. By upping their digital games and embracing their brand stories, brands can push out of Amazon’s grips and into long-term success.

Sarah Miller

Omnichannel in the new CV-19 world

With retail in the US already coming to tough terms with changing consumer habits, the pandemic and now constantly changing reopening plans have only added insult to injury. Retail’s growing hardships and realities have become amplified and accelerated, culling the herd and forcing change in dynamic ways. That said, omnichannel provides a true game-changing evolution, which may prove the difference between retailers thriving versus diving.

Sarah Miller

Back to School in the New Normal

Despite optimistic visions of life returning to normal, we stare at the school year with confusion and unanswered questions. As schools struggle to determine a clear path forward, parents look to prepare accordingly with their back to school purchases.

Sarah Miller

Hope For Post CV-19 Retail

Despite the blow the suffering retail environment has been dealt, the post CV-19 world holds opportunities for success. From consumers’ increased desire to support local business to new practices and habits around online ordering and local pickup, retailers may find a path to a new chapter of retail.

Kelli Anstine