Olympics 2020 – Now 2021

With spectators waiting an extra year for the 2020 Olympic games to get underway, pent-up enthusiasm is fueling wild anticipation. An AdWeek survey reports that currently 53% of US consumers are chomping at the bit to tune in.

Kelli Anstine

Streaming Media Landscape

The pandemic lockdown has only amplified digital content consumption and the ever-growing shift away from traditional TV. Understanding how to best navigate the growing and dynamic world of OOT services is no small task.

Kelli Anstine

A strong and steady stream

From exploding new Netflix subscribers to colossal increases in viewing hours, it’s clear streaming has reached mass penetration. Even as stay-at-home restrictions ease, viewing hours remain at record highs, presenting marketers the chance to target and communicate in game-changing ways.

Kelli Anstine