The Right Perception Can Change Games

Context is King

While recently finalizing a scope of work for a new client, they inquired into the discovery portion of our proposal. Pressing us, they asked, “aren’t we just paying you to learn about our business?” It was a fair question, and one we have a very good answer for.

The discovery portion of an assignment typically entails digging in and understanding more about a client’s business, target audience, industry, and competitive landscape. Lots of information most clients think they already understand completely. So what’s the value of paying an agency to conduct that exercise? The answer: cardinal, indispensable and essential context.

The Unbound process begins by immersing ourselves in every piece of your existing customer and sales data. By overlaying this information with secondary data sources, a sharpened perspective on who we’re targeting comes into focus, and how to start building segments with a bead on your best customers – and audiences mirroring them. This is how and where we identify which audiences hold the greatest potential to drive business goals.

Next, we start talking. To your customers, prospects, employees and other industry influencers. While clients often think they know what all of these key stakeholders think, by digging deeper we’re able to hone in on insights to inform your brand strategy in unforeseen and unexpected ways. We tap into pervasive human truths, common sets of beliefs and interesting media consumption habits that help inform your communications strategy, elevating performance and driving the business results you’re hungry for.

Unbound’s years of experience building brand strategies drive businesses forward. Our expertise affords us invaluable context and perspective, that when applied to your business provides a dynamic marketing arsenal. Talk to us today about how we can put our marketing context to work for your business.

To get an understanding of how our team of detectives can decipher your data, give us a call us at 816-589-3333.