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Local Retail Relationships

Over the past several years, there’s been a huge nationwide push to support local businesses. Good on ya’ America! Consumers have a renewed interest, passion and hunger for the craft maker movement, searching out customized goods and services to quench their desires. As a result, small businesses have had a significant impact on the economy, attributing two-thirds of net new jobs and 44% of the economy overall according to the Small Business Administration. So, as businesses close their doors temporarily to help contain CV-19, the impact on small business stands to be crippling and for many, stimulus support can’t come soon enough.

During this tough time, it’s important that small businesses continue to foster relationships with consumers. This is especially vital when it comes to brand enthusiasts who are rooting for their favorite small businesses, and who want to help support them as well as cheerlead and advocate for them to friends and family. The new normal has ended daily trips to local stores, as we turn to big-box retailers like Target, Amazon or delivery from Domino’s. As a result, new habits and muscle memory are being created. In order to combat these new practices, small retailers must find ways to stay top-of-mind in meaningful ways.

The local bakery accustomed to the frequent shoppers needs to be reaching out with bread recipes, gingerbread cabin instructions and funny birthday greetings to help keep cooped up kids entertained. Now is the time for the local furniture store to tout their online design services and provide consumers tips for dialing up their homes, as the nesting habits we’re developing now are projected to live on past the next few months. Local pet stores can provide tips on fun ways to make sure our beloved animals are getting the nutrition, exercise or rest they need as many of our four-legged friends’ daily routines have drastically changed too.

Thankfully, staying connected in relevant ways is easier than ever with an arsenal of 1:1 marketing tools at your disposal. Today is the perfect time to organize your email list and focus on a thoughtful content strategy, one that extends across key digital platforms – email, social media and your web site. Paid social media, in particular, has proven to be an extremely efficient and effective medium for staying in front of customers with help and support.

The present moment is the opportune time for small businesses to focus on ways to fertilize and amplify their forward momentum. Now more than ever, whether marital, fraternal or retail, every relationship is demanding vital maintenance and attention. We’re happy to chat about your husband leaving his dirty dishes in the sink, or your friend’s awkward Instagram posts, but our real expertise pertains to your business.

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