When your tree falls

Channel Strategy

Delivering a successful campaign that truly has brand impact takes a well-orchestrated symphony of steps that build on the backs of each other. From research to strategic planning, creative development to production, every instrument serves a vital role to ensure the end result resonates with the target and inspires them to act accordingly.

That all said, without the right channel strategy your efforts may fall like a tree, with no one around to hear them. Channel strategy is about identifying channels that are relevant to your customer, so your communications land right in their open arms. To create a successful channel strategy, you need to identify a customer’s journey to purchase, and all the contributing factors that motivate their hearts and minds to act. 

Once you have a well-defined purchase path, it’s time to link your business goal and key performance indicators to the metrics you’ve set out to achieve. Whether your goal is to drive awareness or to generate leads, you connect your channel, message/content and your call-to-action together – knowing each stage of the journey drives toward your business goal. When successful, you create opportunities that connect your customers in engaging ways, which empower them to carry your message, content and brand ideas forward.

The end game is your brand’s success; the in-depth knowledge of how you can impact a customer’s action is all about the path to purchase. And the channel strategy is the critical connection between brand and consumer. 

Dialing in your channel strategy isn’t something to underestimate. Give us a call so we can talk about nailing yours at 816-589-3333.