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Communicating in the COVID-19 Moment

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, those businesses that are able to keep on keepin’ on are faced with the unique challenge and opportunity to provide support and thought leadership to their customers. With the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, 50% of U.S. respondents of the Edelman Trust Barometer indicated they are turning to brands they feel they can absolutely trust more often. The brands that can provide meaningful content and resources to consumers grasping for information right now can help create lasting mindshare and customer loyalty.

Recently, we have been helping one of our largest clients (a network of 40+ emergency and specialty veterinary practices nationwide), with strategic recommendations for marketing and communications amidst this crisis. We believe the learnings and insights we’ve been providing Compassion-First Pet Hospitals, are not only pertinent to the pet industry but offer important learnings for any marketer as they approach this new normal.

The number one thing we’ve learned is companies and brands need to be helpful. So be sure to be updating your social media properties and websites. You want to be clearly communicating business updates on how your customers can keep engaging with your brand and in a safe way. By closely monitoring your communication channels regularly, you can respond to your community in as close to in real-time as possible. Really trying to understand what’s on your audience’s mind and what questions they may have can help guide conversations surrounding your brand and/or provide expert and helpful points of view. Just reaching out with a message of gratitude or positivity can be a welcome distraction unto itself right now.

When it comes to producing video content, depending on your business, now may be a great moment to try something new. The unprecedented nature of the stay at home orders has teed up an opportunity for brands and businesses to produce inexpensive content like never before. Consumers are more open, understanding and downright appreciative of more user-generated, homemade and low-fi video content than ever before. Making a sincere and organic effort right now that subtly says, “we’re all in this together,” can go a long way with your customers and your employees. And there’s no shortage of online production tips to help folks create video content right on their phones, so get camera ready!

Lastly, from a transactional POV, be sure to check in with your employees regularly to keep your finger on the pulse of new barriers to purchase. Making sure your mobile, tele, and online transaction offerings are as fine-tuned and optimized as possible will help customers keep doing business with you “safely.” For example, implementing online booking services and plugins like Bookly, can help provide safe and streamlined transaction experiences for your customers, which they’ll appreciate.

COVID-19 has created a business landscape few could have ever predicted or prepared for. That said, businesses’ ability to adapt and react quickly in ways that help their communities, customers and employees will weather this moment better than others. Making the right communication efforts now will have immediate as well as lasting positive effects. We’ve been working around the clock helping guide our clients through the CV-19 moment, and we’re here to help you too. Unbound’s nimble and adaptive approach allows us to support your marketing needs no matter their shape or size. Give us a call and let’s figure out how we can put our learning to work for you.

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