The Sweetest Spot

In the 21st century advertising arena, prospects all seem to have one thing in common: they’re constantly telling agencies to focus on their “sweet spot” when it comes to pitching. Instead of trying to “do it all,” agencies are being told that they’d be much more attractive to potential advertisers based on something they offer that’s very, very special. It’s much more important to “pick one thing that you can do really well.”

This, naturally, has led to its fair share of controversy across the industry over the last few years. Many agencies continue to say, “Okay, but we can do it all.” The cold, hard truth, however, is that this doesn’t matter. Not anymore.

Gone are the days where clients are looking for a one-stop shop for all their needs – if those days ever truly existed at all. Make no mistake about it: it’s a specialized advertising world today and quite frankly, at Unbound, we couldn’t be happier about it.

Over the last few years, we’ve made an effort to really start listening to exactly what our clients were telling all of us. They’re not looking for broad ideas that service many different masters at the exact same time. They’re searching for A company that meets A goal incredibly well.

Think about this in terms of the way computer software has changed over the last few decades. In the 1990s, you didn’t just have programs – you had suites. Microsoft Office wasn’t JUST a word processor. It also made labels. It helped you created fliers. You could do spreadsheets, multimedia presentations, audio recordings and more – after all, how else was it supposed to justify that massive price?

Thanks to mobile phones, however, this all changed. Apps no longer do 1,000 things – they do one thing incredibly well. They’ve become laser focused on delivering a single goal in the best way possible. Nobody wants or expects a piece of software to be a Swiss Army Knife in terms of functionality – they want it to solve a particular problem and they want it now.

This approach worked out pretty well for the software development industry, didn’t it?

This basic idea almost perfectly mirrors the transformation that advertising has gone through in the last few years. Clients want a tightly honed, laser-focused strategy and at Unbound, that upfront part of the brand development and redevelopment process is our particular sweet spot. When it comes time to actually implementing those strategies, be they with creative materials or on a digital platform or with some other type of media…we utilize a network of experts who focus on their own sweet spots.

Embracing your sweet spot doesn’t mean that you’re limiting the amount of work that you can take. It doesn’t lead to fewer projects… it leads to better ones. It leads to a higher quality output, which is something that speaks volumes as to your reputation across the industry. Leaning into your sweet spot is an investment in what makes you unique – it’s a firm victory for the idea of “quality over quantity.”