Havertys Furniture Case Study

How do you give a 130-year-old furniture brand new-found swagger and relevance? By pinpointing their perfect customers, and discovering a unique desire they all share.

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So how did we nail Havertys’ perfect audience, then unearth that audience’s lust to strut their creative stuff through their furniture? Let’s just say we have a method to our magic, which with this brand began by looking at a pain point.


Havertys needed to get back on people’s radar in a fragmented category that was saying all the same things and outspending them three to one.

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Transactional segmentation of their customer database revealed four unique segments, all wanting to impress visitors while showcasing their personal creative expression.


  1. Using predictive algorithms we identified prospects that mimicked Havertys’ Highest Value Customers and geo-tagged those households.
  2. Next we developed cross-channel, hyper-local media strategies, pinpointing our segment’s habits with geotargeting around each Havertys store.
  3. Lastly we handpicked creative teams to craft a campaign, which would cut through the category’s noise and clutter, and deliver a message we knew Havertys’ best customer wanted to hear – all with a hip funny smile.


  • First year total written sales up +12%; YOY comp store sales +7%
  • 8 years of continuous growth
  • Drove an annual average ticket increase of +8.9% among Highest Value Customers

Dave Lubeck and his team have helped Havertys differentiate from the promotional furniture players with the message of customization and personalization of furniture. Since we began the marketing together, we have significantly increased our special-order business and average sale, which has been a major factor in our driving our overall sales. The Unbound team was instrumental in helping brand our design program and our high-quality delivery teams, which has further distinguished Havertys from our main competitors.

Clarence Smith
CEO, Havertys Furniture