Streaming Media Landscape

The Digital Content Jungle Is No Walk In the Park

If a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one there to see it, the brand selling falling trees needs to figure out where their customers are. So, when it comes to reaching folks via traditional TV, it’s vital brands keep an eye on the digital winds of change.

Let’s face the facts, the trend prior to the pandemic was already pointing in the clear direction of more digital video content. However, driven by lockdowns, we then saw consumers having to make choices, make changes and find new ways of bringing content into their homes and to their devices.

Whether through traditional TV viewing, cord-cutting or cord-never, US adults have significantly increased their time spent gobbling up digital video content. And although the industry predicts that overall time spent consuming content will decrease in 2021, the shift from traditional TV to streaming/digital video is here to stay.

According to Leichtman Research, 80% of US homes have at least one internet-connected TV device. And as of June of 2020, at least 76% of US homes had access to one or more OTT services (MediaPost) with the average household claiming to currently subscribe to 3.1 services. With the top 5 services projected to continue to climb in viewers   and an onslaught of new providers joining the fun every month, the total number for OTT services is over 300!

Keeping a keen eye on this ecosystem is the key to knowing where to invest those precious marketing dollars – so you can reach all those content-loving viewers. With trial offers luring in new customers, premium content seducing consumers to stick around for longer periods, and monthly charges allowing for heavy churn—the real challenge is keeping up with the ins and outs of the movement.

When it comes to telling your story, having a great strategy is vital, but great strategies come from partnering with someone who cares, is willing to dive deep and is able to go the distance. Because let’s face it, it’s not just about delivering impressions—it’s about pinpointing where your consumers are and following their movements so when you tell your story you know you’re in the right part of the forest—where your customers live and play. Unbound’s modern and nimble approach harnesses over 100 years of strategic planning and marketing expertise to bring brands and their customers together through powerful connections.

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