Don't Let Political Ads Eat Your Media Dollars

Don’t Let Political Ads Eat Your Media Dollars

Industry sources are projecting record-breaking political spend in 2020. Is your media strategy ready to brace for impact?

Record Spend Projections will Effect the Entire Industry.
Batten down the hatches! The 2020 political season is here, and political ads have already begun to wallop the airwaves – for both candidates and their SuperPAC supporters. That means your hard earned marketing dollars are in grave danger. Your advertising is at risk of being steamrolled in the clutter, and/or replaced with spots from political campaigns. With over $9.9 Billion in ad spend projected this year, your precious marketing dollars need bodyguards to be protected and strategically placed.

Who, What, Where, When, Why and How You Spend Needs Some Serious Smarts.
Historically political dollars have been shoveled into TV, but this year a massive portion of those dollars will erupt into the digital universe. Political candidates are going to hunt down voters wherever they seek and view content. With upwards of $3 Billion in political digital ad support projected, social media, content-rich environments and over-the-top streaming platforms will be infiltrated like a picnic basket with ants.

With the majority of political spend taking over devices and screens, brands need to align with a marketing partner that will help them architect the right media, to ensure their ads are seen and to protect those dollars once they’re placed. Whether the goal is focused on engagement, consideration or even generating leads, customized strategic thinking for clients can produce a variety of highly effective solutions – from tactically shifting marketing dollars among channels to ensure that desired audiences are found, to keeping in close contact with station and media partners to manage inventory pacing, preemptions and make goods, and adjustments that occur in real-time.

Precise strategic analysis married with educated predictions of what will occur, adjusting to changes in the landscape, and acting on behalf of clients to make sure their messages are safe and seen – are each critical components to decreasing risk to their marketing dollars during the 2020 political season. Using brains as brawn gets results.

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