Reboot. Rethink. Persevere.

Like invention, necessity can be a mother of change too. 

While shelter in place orders begin to loosen, businesses around the US assess the impact, while plotting a course for their futures. Determining who and what is mission-critical for businesses to reboot and get back on their feet is proving a daunting and emotional challenge for business leaders. The fallout of the pandemic has created a forced reset for many companies, as well as an opportunity to change many elements of how they do business.

Identifying with the snowballing nature of internal marketing departments over past years, the recent forced reset has many businesses taking a hard look at who and what they really need. Thankfully, the growing gig economy may just represent a new mindset toward nimble and  efficient support that can fit businesses like a glove. Right-sized, project-based marketing support gives companies a fresh external perspective toward a quickly evolving business landscape. And paying for just what you need helps ensure tight budgets work hard.

The growing gig economy already made up around 34% of the US workforce in 2019 and was predicted to grow to 43% in 2020. The pandemic has only hyper-amplified why project-based employment was growing in popularity from both an employee and employer perspective. From flexible employee hours to spend more time with family, to businesses off-loading overhead costs and risk, the growing freelance model is here to stay. The recent deluge of layoffs has in turn created an ever-growing pool of incredible talent, who’s ready, willing and able to jump in at a moment’s notice when companies may need them more than ever.

At Unbound, our lean agency model leverages a core nimble team in parallel with outsourced creative talent hired on individual project needs and scope. The model works beautifully for us and is one we believe many businesses may want to look to Unbound for the same agile and adaptive support needed right now. Wherever you are in the process of identifying your communication needs, we’d love be a part of the conversation. From full-service marketing support, to a la carte research, strategy or creative ideation we’re here help.

The devastating effects of the pandemic are undeniable and far from over. Our world will be forever changed, and it is all of our duties to rise to the challenge of adapting and working together to persevere.

We look forward to the opportunity to talk about how we can work to help you evolve and prosper. Call us. We’re here to help – 816-589-3333.