Back to Normal

Uncertain times call for sure-footed solutions

Consumer optimism is on the rise and has been since late 2020. Shoppers across the great U.S. of A. are eager to dive back into life as usual, and brands are wisely trying their darnedest to capitalize on this wave of enthusiasm in their marketing efforts. However, successfully portraying the sentiment of the current state of affairs is challenging to say the least. In a world where mask mandate rules continue to change, and COVID cases, hospitalizations and vaccination rates are monitored and changing like the stock market – brands must step carefully.

During the Olympics, we witnessed brands like Uber introduce campaigns that harkened back to welcomed pre-pandemic behavior. Uber’s “Go Get It” campaign encouraged customers to attend parties and bars with no masks in sight. And while consumers are understandably exhausted of much of the doom and gloom over the last 18 months, campaigns of this nature can easily appear tone-deaf, as hospitalizations and deaths from COVID begin to climb again.

On the other hand, Alaska Airlines’ new campaign “Official Airline of Rescheduled Events” honors the adjustments, cancellations and disappointments consumers have faced over this past 18 months by promising to be there when fliers are ready to return to the skies. Alaska has found a way to stay top of mind and relevant by walking hand in hand with their consumers with supportive and empathetic messaging that rings true.

Navigating these tricky and potentially treacherous waters requires a marketing team that can react at a moment’s notice to the world around them. Marketers desperately need partners who can nimbly turn on a dime regarding content, as well as implementing SWAT-team-like resources.

Unbound’s unique DNA and agency model has been formulated to provide tailor-made services and plans of attack to offer the most agile, cost-efficient and effective means of support. We champion intimacy, nimbleness and specialization, allowing us to deliver brands the right solutions at the right time – and in real time.

We provide our clients vital, sure-footed guidance and support by acting as their marketing sherpas. With over 100 years of collective brand strategy experience, Unbound can help brands navigate the undulating terrain of these uncertain times with confidence and fresh perspective. As a result, obstacles are turned to opportunities and uncertainty to conviction and success.

The next year will unquestionably be a long and twisty road, so let’s set up 30 minutes to talk about how we can help you maneuver with confidence. Give us a call at 816.589.3333 – and let’s pull up our bootstraps together.