Making Magic Happen

How to pull another rabbit out of your hat

The era of big ad agencies stuffed to the gills with employees, all sitting in ivory towers is coming to an end. The trend has been gaining momentum and speed for several years, with brands looking for more project-based marketing support and/or bringing marketing and advertising in-house. Predictions put agency cuts at 52,000 jobs in the next 2 years, which represents a 15% reduction in staff, versus only 7% predicted in digital and media agencies. The pandemic and the current economic climate have only fueled this locomotive of chance, forcing a huge migration of ad talent to venture in-house – or into the great gig economy.

So how do brands and their CMOs cope with this shift, and a depletion of vital marketing expertise, once supplied by their big ad agency partners? Well, there’s a hell of a lot of truth in the old saying that necessity is the mother of invention. Yes, where there is a need there is always a solution. Brands and their CMOs must quickly access their advertising and marketing needs, then engage with a nimble and adaptable advertising partner who can provide customized support based on their individual needs. Brands no longer have to depend on a jack-of-all trades agency model and instead can hire based on project needs and/or specific support for their overburdened in-house marketing teams.

Unbound and its unique model was founded on the basis of this new era, evolution and reality of advertising. Our lean, nimble and highly experienced team provides brands access to custom strategic solutions, based on dynamic upfront data analysis, brand development and redevelopment. From there, instead of calling upon a stable of creative folks sitting around waiting for the next project, we call upon freelance talent specifically skilled and suited to the project at hand. The result is highly-effective and adaptable marketing resources – ready to come to your rescue.

Times have changed and change is good. So, let’s set up some time to talk about how our agile crew of problem solvers can help provide the thought leadership you need to solve your marketing goals. Give us a call at 816-589-3333.