Brands Be True

Brands, it’s time to bare your heart and souls

In our recent blog post, High Bar for Brands, we discussed that consumers’ expectations of brands continue to evolve and increase in this age of Collective Transformation. Brands are expected to not only help make consumers the best versions of themselves, but also help change the world by making it a better place. With the notable societal impacts brought about by the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, brands are being pushed for even greater transparency and accountability each and every day.

In order for brands to succeed in the current state of activism and unrest, they must first make sure their reason for being is bulletproof. Consumers are skeptical of brands at best, distrusting at worst. Consumers live in a world of fact-checking and are quick to point out flaws with claims that are no more than platitudes. How brands make the world a better place must be part of their DNA.

At Unbound, we’ve worked with a number of clients to define their “Why.” We employ the Simon Sinek method of evaluating the three parts of the Golden Circle, working through what you do, how you do it and culminating with why you do it. We’re able to provide the expertise and objectivity that defines who you are and how it culturally ties back to the consumer – giving special attention to your highest value customer and how your “why” aligns with their key triggers and motivators.

By starting with your brand’s “why,” we’re able to work with you to challenge the status quo and stand out among murky seas of sameness. We identify your brand’s purpose and then build a marketing strategy that activates your brand in connected and meaningful ways. Often brands that attempt to conduct such an exercise on their own find it difficult. Remaining objective often requires fresh eyes and an outside perspective to attain a laser-focused understanding of purpose and identity. For many of our clients, we spend an equal amount of time articulating not only their “why” but their “what” and “how” as well. By helping to define all three spaces (why, what and how) with nimble efficiency (keeping with Unbound’s DNA), we unearth the foundational brand story blocks that will resonate and differentiate.

You need an outside partner who can challenge you, hold you accountable and speak the honest truth when necessary. We have the experience and expertise to be that partner. Give us a call and let’s get the ball rolling: 816.589.3333.