Trust in Advertising

Advertising with nothing to hide

If you stalk and follow the advertising industry pubs, you’ve likely seen the latest headline where DDB Chicago is being sued by Hero group, which does business as Hero Collective. Hero alleges they were exploited by a “classic bait and switch” while helping DDB win a 10-year $4 Billion U.S. Army contract. The lawsuit goes on to allege, and DDB denies the allegation, that Hero, a smaller, minority-owned New York shop, was told that if they’d help DDB win the contract, DDB would award Hero “significant work” as a subcontractor. While the litigation is still ongoing, the alleged bait and switch is something all too common to the advertising industry.

That’s why I wanted to do something different.

I founded Unbound with transparency at the forefront. I wanted my team of strategic leaders to have the ability to hand select the right partners for the right marketing solutions, agnostic of channel, medium or execution. All too often, traditional agencies bring in hot shot pitch teams to wow prospective clients, then once the account is safely in hand, the work is handed off to a B-Team, that drudges through the work without any of the passion or tenacity that was so inspirational in the pitch itself.

At Unbound, there is no passing off. We transparently construct a team to meet the specific characteristics, needs and demands of the project. Our strategic leads see the project through from start to finish, ensuring we develop a custom marketing solution that takes into account your existing marketing resources – both internal and external – and then we build a team with the firepower you need.

We understand how vital the tribal knowledge is that internal marketing teams hold. We also know when it comes to truly driving your business forward, how important it is to combine and filter that information through an outside perspective. Collaborating with other agency partners to support and ignite your team’s strengths and knowledge is an area of our expertise and proven success.

Another practice of our success is we don’t believe in filler. You’ll never attend an Unbound meeting and ask – why is that person here? All too often traditional agencies show up with an army of agency players, with few adding value and many parroting what other team members have already said. You’ll never open an email from team members you’ve never met or be charged for time from a team member who doesn’t contribute to your business. That doesn’t happen at Unbound. We bring value and strategy every step of the way. Lean and mean.

In a world that’s craving trust and transparency, Unbound satisfies the hunger for strategic leadership that drives your business forward without fluff, fakery or filler. Our team has been at it for over 100 years collectively. We do it because we’re passionate about creating amazing work that drives results – not surrounding ourselves with order takers or stroking our egos with inflated titles.

Let’s set up a 30-minute consult to assess your marketing challenges and then work to develop a perspective on how to drive your 2021 marketing strategy to new levels. Give us a call at 816.589.3333.